Brave Young Sisters Take on a Kidnapper -- and Win! (VIDEO)

hero sistersThe Internet is chock full of "sisters are awesome" type stories because, well, we are (quick, someone go tell my little bro!). And thanks to two impossibly cute little girls who fought off a would-be kidnapper together, we've got another one! Because Chyna and Brianna Brown aren't just sisters; they're little spitfires!

The cuties were walking to school together with a couple of pals when a strange man grabbed 11-year-old Chyna, pulling her to the ground and clamping his hand over her mouth. Just thinking about it gives me chills. But Brianna, who is only 10, knew exactly what to do.


She started screaming for the man to get his hands off her sister! Between that and Chyna struggling, it worked. The creepy would-be kidnapper took off. And wait until you hear why Chyna fought so hard:

Did you hear that? She didn't want her sister to lose her? And little Brianna sounded like she was just so worried about her big sis. Sniff, sniff. Baaaawl!

I love and hate these kind of stories at the same time. Of course the hate comes from the situation: no one actually likes to think about some guy sneaking around a neighborhood trying to kidnap little girls. The fact that folks in DeKalb, Georgia have to worry about their kids right now is a travesty.

On the other hand, I love them because they give us these pleasant surprises of heroism from the most unlikely places: 10-year-old little sisters. We want to think that kids will stick together and help each other out, but you never know what will happen in the moment. Especially when they spend so much time annoying the pants off each other during the day to day (think: Mooooom, she won't stop touching me!). 

What's the most incredible thing your sister (or brother) has done for you?


Image via 11Alive

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