Televangelist Pat Robertson Wants Marijuana Legalized (No, You're Not High)

pat robertsonPat Robertson might just be one of the biggest loudmouths of our time. The outspoken evangelical Christian and host of The 700 Club on the Christian Broadcasting Network seems to have an opinion on everything -- and most of the time, he's just stirring up unnecessary trouble. Like when back in the fall, he said that a man whose wife had Alzheimer's should divorce her, because the disease was like "a kind of death." Ugh, awful.

But the latest from his lips, believe it or not, is something I think we can all get behind. (Now in his 80s, I wonder if the guy has finally gotten so senile that he's actually starting to make sense?!) He told the New York Times that the war on drugs is costing taxpayers billions of dollars, and people should not be sent to prison for marijuana possession. WOW, right?!

And it gets even better!


He elaborated:

I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol. If people can go into a liquor store and buy a bottle of alcohol and drink it at home legally, then why do we say that the use of this other substance is somehow criminal?

Great question! And he also made the point that it's "shocking" how many young people wind up in prison and "get turned into hardcore criminals because they had possession of a very small amount of a controlled substance." Awesome point, too.

Look at this! This proves that even the most right-wing and left-wing Americans can see eye-to-eye on certain subjects. It makes me laugh that one of the biggies just happens to be getting high, ha. As Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, said, Robertson

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