Real-Life 'Weekend at Bernie's' Duo Let Dead Pal Pay for Strippers

mark rubinson and robert young
Mark Rubinson and Robert Young
According to Denver police, the "Weekend at Bernie's Duo" committed a "bizarre and unfortunate crime."


That's why Young and Rubinson used Jarrett's credit card to buy drinks at a strip club. As for the $400 they withdrew from an ATM, I'm guessing most of those bills got rolled up and tucked into thongs. Such thoughtful guys.

Okay, seriously? This is what I don't get. Clearly Young and Rubinson needed their pal's card to pay for a night of booze and naked dancers. But why didn't they just take the card ... and leave the body at home?! It's not like Jarrett could've signed the tab or anything. At what point did the idea of taking their friend's corpse out for a joyride present itself as a sensible option?! Young claimed he didn't know Jarrett was dead (from a lethal mix of drugs and alcohol), but that he thought he might be dead.

Yeah, those excuses aren't helping.

Young and Rubinson pleaded guilty to abusing a corpse and identity theft and were sentenced to two years probation and ordered to do community service, pay restitution, and write letters of apology to Jarrett's family.

I think they should also be forced to watch Weekend at Bernie's once a day for the rest of their lives.

What sort of punishment would you give the "Weekend at Bernie's Duo"?

Image via Denver police

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