Drunk Cruise Passenger Throws Anchor Overboard

anchor and martiniI've never been shy about my general -- perhaps unreasonable -- disdain for cruises. I know, usually people have a blast on them. They eat, they sleep, they tan, they party -- theoretically, it has all the makings of everything I want in a vacation. But I just can't get past a few minor things: One, the Titanic. Two, the Costa Concordia. Three, the fact that the open seas are a lawless wasteland where all sorts of weird crimes are committed. And, now, most recently, four: The drunken passenger who thought it would be funny to "throw the anchor overboard" on a ship that was headed from Mexico to Florida.


His name is Rick Ehlert, and he's a 45-year-old man from California. Yes, he's a 45-year-old man. Apparently, he spent the night sucking down martinis, and after the bar closed, he stole a bottle of vodka -- that's when he decided to see what would happen if he snuck into an off-limits area, stole the anchor, and dropped it. He said, "Many people have asked me why I dropped the anchor. I believe that I was intrigued by the machinery, and curious to see if I could operate it. I do remember trying to stop the anchor once it started moving, but it just kept going faster."

Ehlert's wasted antics caused the ship to stop for three hours. Oh, and he also chucked a life preserver overboard, too, and didn't respond when when the captain asked who did it, forcing all 1,600 passengers to report to their emergency stations before dawn so they could be counted.

Dude's actually been given two months in jail, as well as substance abuse counseling. And you know what? It may be a little harsh, but I say good. Who throws an anchor overboard on a moving ship? Rick Ehlert, apparently. My number four reason for never going on a cruise.

Have you ever gone on a cruise? Have you ever freaked out on a cruise?

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