Obama's Documentary Should Seal the Deal for Conflicted Voters (VIDEO)

president obama the road we've traveled The election may be eight months away, and the GOP may still be running a three-ring circus with their wacky candidates, but it looks like Obama is stepping up to the plate in a major way. It appears the President is making a huge pitch for a second-term with a new 17-minute documentary called The Road We've Traveled, which will be screened at various events around the country next week. And judging from the trailer alone, it looks like it's going to be EPIC.

Directed by Davis Guggenhiem, who made the Oscar-winning Al Gore documentary An Inconvenient Truth, the short flick appears to be amazing ... In other words, it has all the trimmings of a game-changer.


From the economic crisis to health reform, saving the auto industry, and taking out Osama bin Laden, the movie looks like it'll cover a LOT of ground in less than 20 minutes. By doing that, the docu's aim is to, as Obama's campaign manager put it, "put into perspective the enormous challenges that the nation faced when the president took office and the strides we've made together." Awesome.

See, at this point, people fall into three camps: Those who have already made up their minds to vote for Obama (woot), those who have already made up their minds to vote for whoever the Republicans nominate (scaaaary), and those who aren't sure what the hell they're going to do. And one of the things I have heard multiple times from that last camp is that they're not sure what Obama has accomplished and they're not sure what he'd like to accomplish in a second term. Well, this mini-flick will probably offer the answers to both of those big questions.

Check out the trailer here ...

Will you see the documentary? Do you think it could be a game-changer?


Image via BarackObamadotcom/YouTube

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