DNC Sets Its Sights on Women Voters With Women's Institute

Democratic National CommitteeWhile the Republican party battles over its presidential nominee, Democrats are setting their sights on ... you.

In a conference call with bloggers this morning, Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced the formation of the DNC Women's Institute. Leading up to the November election, the Institute will "support, complement, and expand efforts to elect all Democrats and enhance the Obama for America campaign's Women for Obama program."

But what does this mean to you?


It means that you can expect to see DNC Women's Institute events popping up across the country. The first, a women's health panel hosted by Wasserman Schultz, is set for March 15 in Portland, New Hampshire.

The DNC also will work hand in hand with the Women for Obama program to mobilize Democratic women to hold house parties, join voter protection trainings, volunteer at the state level, organize Obama campaign "Truth Teams," and become neighborhood campaign captains for Obama and other Democrats.

This new institute provides more evidence that the Democratic Party is setting its sights on women, considered to be a pivotal demographic in the upcoming election. Democratic leaders are appealing to women by playing up the current Republican battles over social issues like abortion and contraception.


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