Dude, Flashing a Fake Penis Is Still Indecent!

jacob lee boviaReady to be dumbfounded by insanity? Seriously, prepare yourself, because I can almost guarantee this story is unlike anything you've ever heard or seen. See, apparently, last week, a 28-year-old guy from Annapolis, Maryland named Jacob Lee Bovia was arrested after he "simulated indecent exposure with a display of fake genitalia to women on several occasions at the [Anne Arundel Community College campus]," according to the police report. Bovia is charged with three counts of indecent exposure and two counts of disorderly conduct.

What. The. Hell!?! Yes, just to clarify. The guy was running around showing off his FAKE penis! So, so bizarre. And okay, it's not like this is the kind of news story you pick apart and try to really analyze, but it does beg the question: Is Bovia the shyest flasher ever who just happens to think he belongs in a Judd Apatow flick and didn't deserve to be cuffed or was what he did still totally gross?


The thing is ... the women who saw him exposing himself had no idea that his penis was actually a phony! The Baltimore Sun reported that Bovia is accused of driving around the campus in his silver Honda Accord, exposing what appeared to be his private parts to unsuspecting female students. Eww eww eww.

So even if it was a fake and he thought what he was doing with his faux genitalia was deserving of a big ol' laugh riot, those poor female students were probably still shocked and possibly traumatized by the incident. Hence, what he did was totally gross and unacceptable.

I just wonder why he didn't decide to go with the real deal? Oh God, maybe this isn't the kind of story about which you even ask questions!

How crazy is this?!


Image via AACPD

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