Wayne State Student Pulls MacGyver-Like Stunt to Escape Her Kidnappers

macgyverI've often wondered what I would do/how I would act if I were ever kidnapped or burglarized. In my fantasies -- okay, maybe I shouldn't call them fantasies -- in my mind, I pull some MacGyver-like shit in these hypothetical situations. I do something like pretend I'm unconscious, then boom! Do one of those pop-up kick-type things and take the son-of-a-bitch out. Then of course I have a cheesy one-liner to boot -- something like, "Never underestimate a woman's power of faking it." Of course, in reality, I know that most likely what I'd do in such a situation is make pee-pee my pants.

Not the Wayne State student who was just in an armed robbery/car-jacking situation, though. Nope, this bad mama-jamma actually did just pull some real-life MacGyver-like shit. And, most likely, she's still alive because of it.


Her name hasn't been released, but Detroit police are reporting that a woman who was allegedly taken hostage by two men escaped by faking a seizure. Hot dang, that's impressive quick-thinking.

Supposedly, the two men hijacked her car and asked her to ride in the trunk. Somehow, she was able to convince them to let her ride in the back seat, though. After forcing her to take cash out of an ATM, the men pulled up to a liquor store and instructed her to get out and buy them booze. She obliged, but when she got inside the store, she dropped to the ground and began to convulse as if she were in an epileptic seizure. That's when the dirtbags fled.

A seizure? Wow. I can whole-heartedly say that that would have never crossed my mind if I were in her shoes. Hell, it's never even crossed my mind in my "fantasies," and I have time to really think things out in those. I'm happy; I'm thoroughly impressed; and I really hope she had an amazing cheesy one-liner.

How awesome is this chick?


Image via psd/Flickr

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