Women by the Numbers: Statistical Proof That We Rule!

women on strikeYippeee! It's International Women's Day! And I am the proud owner of a (slightly used) uterus, which can only mean I get something, right? No? Not even a box of chocolates? A super cool doohickey from Apple? Still no? Sigh.

Fine. I don't need presents yes I do. I am still going to celebrate a day that is all about "connecting girls" and "inspiring futures," because ladies, we are pretty darn cool, and it doesn't take a new iPad (want) or box of chocolate creams to make us happy. No, what we need is a look at the numbers that show we are one amazing force to be reckoned with in these here 50 states. Just take a look at the girl power we've got going on:


6 -- Female governors currently in charge of American states

6.2 -- Percent of women who have been married for 50 plus years!

17 -- Women currently serving in the US Senate

23 -- Percent of women in the United States who own guns (legally!)

26.5 -- Median age of a woman at the time of her first marriage

28.8 -- Percent of American firms owned by ladies

40 -- Percent more likely women are to give to charity than men

44 -- Percent of the NFL's fanbase that's female. Who says chicks don't like football?

46.2 -- Percent of women (18 and up) who voted in the last congressional election

50.8 -- Percent of the American population that's female (as of the 2010 Census)

59 -- Percent of American rocking body ink, compared to only 41 percent of guys with tattoos

67 -- Percent of women smart enough to lock up their Facebook privacy settings (compared to 48 percent of guys)

73 -- Women currently serving in the US House of Representatives

79 -- Percent of Gen Y ladies who say they're saving money instead of spending to make it through the recession

94 -- Percent of Gen Y women (22- 35 years old) who believe that they’ll be able to achieve a balance in their personal and professional lives ... they WILL have it all!

36,931 -- In dollars, the median income of females 15 and up in the US

205,500 -- Active duty women in our nation's armed forces

7.5 million -- People employed by women-owned American businesses

30.7 million -- Number of American women 25 and up with a college degree (bachelor's or higher)

85.4 million -- Moms in America

157.0 million -- Women in America

What number on this list makes you most proud to be a woman? Let's hear it for International Women's Day ... chocolate for all!

Image via Kheel Center, Cornell University/Flickr

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