As Republican Candidates Battle, Obama's Campaign Plots

Obama CampaignIn the wake of Super Tuesday, I was part of a conference call today with Obama for America Campaign Manager Jim Messina and Senior Advisor Jim Axelrod regarding the state of the race.

Both men were quick to play up Mitt Romney's weaknesses as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, pointing out that in every state except his home state of Massachusetts yesterday, Romney lost among independent voters, young voters, and middle class voters. Each of these demographics are expected to be pivotal in November's general election. They also attacked what they call Romney's "I'm your guy so live with it" message, and focused in on his inability to make a lasting connection with Republican voters.

While much of the call was spent deriding Romney, key details emerged about the Obama campaign's upcoming plans -- and some of them could impact you.

  • In an effort to capture the woman's vote, the Obama campaign has begun holding women's house parties across the nation. The first series of events promoted Obama's record on women's issues during his first term, and included a recorded message from First Lady Michelle Obama.
  • The campaign also recently established the "Truth Team" and launched a website called Attack Watch, allowing the campaign to directly refute Republican attacks on Obama's record.
  • Starting next week, Vice President Joe Biden will begin delivering a series of campaign speeches in battleground states, outlining Obama's platform for 2012.The first speech will take place in Ohio.
  • The campaign also is set to release a 17-minute documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim, about Obama's first term in office. Guggenheim is perhaps best known for directing Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."

The Obama campaign is getting aggressive due in part to fears campaign strategists have regarding the impact that Republican Super PACs could have on the election's outcome.

“We’re fortified for a tough race," said Axelrod. "We know when they finally get a nominee, it’ll be a tough race. We know that they’re hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars of Super-Pac money that will be massed against us.”

Expect to see many more campaign efforts in the months to come from the Obama campaign, targeting women, Latinos, young voters and independents in particular.

What do you think it will take for Obama to win over voters?

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