Kony 2012: Watch the Video That Could Save Thousands of Children From Slavery (VIDEO)

kony 2012Kony 2012. If you haven't seen this phrase yet, you'll probably see a lot of it in the next several weeks. It's not a Presidential campaign. It's a campaign by Invisible Children Inc. to capture one of the world's most notorious alleged war criminals, Joseph Kony of Uganda.

Joseph Kony is the leader of the Ugandan guerrilla group, Lord’s Resistance Army. But there's nothing holy or Christlike about this group. Under Kony's leadership, the LRA has displaced hundreds of thousands of families and caused unbelievable pain and suffering throughout Uganda.

As a mom, I find Kony's crimes against children especially heinous.


The International Criminal Court has indicted Kony for war crimes -- among them, kidnapping his own people's children and forcing the boys to become child soldiers and the girls to become sex slaves. Boys aren't just forced to kill. They're instructed to mutilate bodies and even kill their own parents.

Under Kony's leadership, the rebels have been responsible for kidnapping some 66,000 children and displacing 2 million people -- men, women, and children who have left their homes hoping to avoid being kidnapped.

Kony's abhorrent deeds are about to become very, very public. A 29-minute film is revealing them to the world, and it's a film you have to see.

I'll warn you, it's heartbreaking -- I can only take it in doses. The story begins with Jacob, a boy that Jason Russell met running for his life in Uganda in 2003. Jacob witnessed his brother's slaying at the hands of the Rebels by machete. He confesses that he wants to die, too. He feels he has no future. Jason stayed in touch with Jacob and he is alive and well today. But in that moment when Jacob was at his lowest point, a promise was made.

We are going to do everything that we can to stop them. Do you hear my words? We are. We are going to stop them.

It's taken years, but this is Jason Russell's plan. He, along with fellow filmmakers Bobby Baily and Lauren Pool, joined together as Invisible Children Inc. and launched Kony 2012, a campaign to raise awareness of the atrocities in Uganda and to pressure the U.S. government to intervene and help capture Kony. It begins with this film. It's all over twitter now, under the hash tags #makekonyfamous #knony2012 #stopkony. And it's going to get bigger with your help. See the film below and see the website for more information.

Had you heard about Kony and the atrocities in Uganda before this?


Image via invisiblechildreninc/YouTube

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