Oversexed College Roommate Drives Woman to Suicide, Then a Lawsuit

Do not enterWhether it’s as subtle as a sock hanging on the door handle or as obvious as a “when the dorm room’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’” sign taped on the entryway, folks who share space usually come up with signals to tell each other they have “company.” Alas, Lindsay Blankmeyer wasn’t afforded that luxury because apparently the girl she was housed with had no problem gettin’ freaky, even as her poor roommate cowered just a few feet away.  

Now the one-time Stonehill College student has filed a $150,000 lawsuit against her former school, claiming administrators didn't do enough to help her when she complained that her roommate “Laura” was making too much whoopie in their shared dorm room. Blankmeyer says she came to school already struggling with depression and attention deficit disorder, but the constant sight of Laura humping with her boyfriend exacerbated her conditions and made her suicidal. 


Now that’s a bit much but her angst is understandable. With sex, there are… smells. And sounds. And all kinds of details that shouldn’t be pressed upon an innocent bystander not involved with any of the goings-on creating those smells and sounds in the first place. How many of us can remember cringing in our dorm-room beds with pillows over our heads to muffle the grunts and groans coming from what? Five, maybe 10 feet away?

In the spirit of technology, Blankmeyer’s roomie also took her exhibitionism digital. “The roommate was having online and actual sex right in front of her,” says the complaint, adding that the other young lady also dabbled in “sexually inappropriate video chatting” when she was in the room. Yikes. There are just some things you never need to see/hear/know when it comes to your friends, let alone your roommate, and an amateur porn session a la Skype would most likely fall into that category.

Blankmeyer says the college offered her two moving options: another dorm where she would reside in a “cubicle-like space” that had formerly been a study lounge or a building with a reputation as a "party dorm" to live with a girl Blankmeyer did not know. She also tried unsuccessfully to persuade school officials to ship her roommate aka The Sex Machine to another facility. Eventually, our unlucky undergrad ended up living at a hotel before taking a leave of absence from school—during her senior year, no less, when the problems all started—and undergoing extensive psychiatric and medical treatment, according to her lawsuit filed in a Boston court last week.

To its end, Stonehill claims to have responded "swiftly and professionally" to the complaints about said roommate, first trying to resolve the dispute through mediation with a residence director, then by giving Blankmeyer "multiple options" for campus housing, including the aforementioned private room. One would think that a gal in the last two semesters of school could thug it out in a tiny but freaky-roommate-free living space just for the sake of finishing school in peace. But she’ll take the six-figure lawsuit instead, please and thank you.

No word on whether the roommate’s academic performance matched her physical one, but there’s good news on Blankmeyer’s end: despite her involuntary immersion in sexual education, at a Catholic college at that, she eventually completed her last semester of school at home in New York and earned her bachelor's degree in September 2011.

Did you and your roommate have a "do not enter" signal?

Image via Jesse Wagstaff/Flickr

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