'Super Tuesday' Is a Misnomer

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Despite what Schoolhouse Rock taught me, three isn’t the magic number. 1144 is. That’s how many delegates a Republican candidate needs to get his name on the presidential ticket this November. I’ve been watching the Super Tuesday results roll in. I find myself muting the television a lot. Honestly, I am still waiting for Allen Funt to pop onto the screen and yell, “Surprise, you’re on Candid Camera!” I cannot help but wonder how the Republican party came to this, a new low. Are these really the top candidates they could find to run for President of the United States!?


I am stunned that the crew of candidates this year is so polarizing. Why are they spending so much time talking about religion and the Bible instead of policies and the economy? Last I heard, the Constitution is our nation’s road map, not the Bible. And since when is waging war on women a family value? I think we should all go read Margaret Atwood’s chilling book The Handmaid’s Tale again. The Republican candidates are especially righteous this year, and I find it rather disturbing.

Republicans in my home state of Virginia gave 34 delegates to Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday. Minnesota, where I lived for almost 10 years, handed their 37 delegates to Rick Santorum. The western states of Nevada, Idaho, Washington, and Arizona went to Romney. Meanwhile, Santorum took Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Missouri. No surprise. As of right now, Ohio is too close to call, and I can’t say I stayed up til the wee hours to watch results roll in.

Newt Gingrich will hopefully fade away, and Ron Paul is but a blip on our collective radar. The race between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum is on. They both perch on their holier-than-thou platforms and preach more than lead. The Biblical analogies will be apropos this season. I have a feeling I’ll be muting my TV a lot until the election is over.

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