A Woman for President? Heck Yeah! (VIDEO)

joann of bensonhurstYou know what this country needs? You didn't ask me, but I'm gonna tell you. We need a woman for president. Just ask JoAnn from Bensonhurst. She gave us an earful this week at her favorite Italian specialty food shop, Papa Pasqule. Hey, she's a busy woman! She has to multitask -- shopping and talking politics. All right, JoAnn, tell us what you think about a woman for president?

Well, come on, it's JoAnn of Bensonhurst! How do you think this headstrong, opinionated broad feels about it? I'll tell you -- when she goes to answer the question, the first thing out of her mouth is bleeped.


"(BLEEP) I'd be all for it!" she says. "A woman is a do-er." Take that George W. Bush! "A woman is a multitasker. She'll run it like she runs a battleship!" Wait, you kind of lost me there. How does a woman run a battleship different from a man? "She'll run it like she runs her kitchen. She'll run it like she runs her family." Now we're talking! 

"She'll get things done. Men are too lazy, waiting around for it to be done by somebody else!" Well, I will say this -- for better or worse, men are better at delegating. But that sounds like the classic trap so many of us women fall into: NEVER MIND I'LL DO IT MYSELF. It's what I want to say every time my husband cleans the bathroom. But you know what? A good executive knows how to delegate. And I can live with an semi-clean bathroom. But that aside, I am totally with you, JoAnn.

JoAnn is also perfectly fine with gays serving in the military ("Leave 'em alone!") and would never tell you who to vote for. Vote with your gut feeling and your heart! And then duck, because the first time she voted, it was for Nixon and he was impeached. And with that, she takes her salami, meatballs, and ravioli and heads home for dinner.

Which woman would you like to have for a President?


Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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