Hating on Rush Limbaugh Makes Us Just As Bad As Him

rush limbaughNo question about it -- Rush Limbaugh is going down in a big way. As of my last count, he'd lost 13 sponsors and two radio stations have dropped his show. And the list keeps growing.

But I'm starting to feel like Rush-hunting is becoming a blood sport. We're getting off on watching the man burn. I have no sympathy for him. He dug his own grave. But we're not exactly elevating ourselves by dancing around that grave. I should know -- I've felt myself swept up in the Rush-burning rush and I didn't like what it did to me.


Last night I read that Netflix 1) was advertising on Rush's show* and 2) had not promised to drop the show. WHAT?!? Now I love me some Netflix. Those little red envelopes in my mail make me sooo happy. And even after their price-hike and their PR debacle a couple months ago, I stood by them (laziness, mostly). But this? This outraged me. I picked up the phone and told the poor guy at customer service that I would be cancelling my account if they did not drop Rush.

And then I felt it: The Rush-burning rush. That feeling of exhilaration as you exert your little bit of consumer power to help take a man down.

Look, I think Rush should be held accountable for his hate speech. And like I said, I think he earned this backlash. As someone who believes in letting the market do its thing, Rush should have no complaint if the market decides we don't want to support someone who spews this kind of hate. But what's my place in all of this? Am I demanding accountability -- or just revenge? I'm starting to feel like the line between the two is fading.

*Netflix VP Steve Swasey has stated that the company does not advertise on the Rush Limbaugh show.

How do you feel about the consequences Rush Limbaugh has faced following his attacks on Sandra Fluke?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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