San Francisco Earthquake Is Literal & Figurative Wake Up Call

san francisco earthquakeHere's one way I never want to be awoken, ever: Two Bay area earthquakes shook residents in Northern California from their sleep Monday morning. A 3.5 quake rattled at 5:33 a.m. and was followed eight seconds later by a 4.0 tremor. So far, there have thankfully been no reports of any significant damage or injury, but perhaps even more delightedly, no one has yet taken this San Francisco earthquake as an opportunity to send around that photo of a white plastic lawn chair on its side.

The Hayward Fault has been overdo for a major quake, and even though it's not as well-known as that San Andreas bitch, it's still one to keep an eye on since it runs through such a populated area. The rumbles were felt within a 60-mile radius that reached from Santa Cruz to Santa Rosa.


The USGS said in 2003 that the Hayward Fault had a 27 percent chance of producing an earthquake with a magnitude higher than 6.7 in the Bay area within the next 30 years. No other fault had a higher percentage of possibility, making the Hayward Fault one of the most dangerous in the area.

I suppose a lot of Californians are thanking their lucky stars that today's quake wasn't as destructive as it could've been. Perhaps the shakes have inspired people to take earthquake preparedness more seriously as the fault wakes up, and stretches its legs.

Because if the USGS is right, this was a just a mini little wake-up call, figuratively and literally. Overall, there's a 62 percent chance the San Fran area will get a major quake before 2032, no matter whose "fault" it is.

Have you ever experienced an earthquake?


Photo via jeffgunn/Flickr

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