Man Trying to Set Buried Alive Record Fails in the Worst Way Possible

dirtA man in Sri Lanka who was attempting to set the world record for the most amount of time being buried alive died over the weekend. Janaka Basnayake enlisted his friends and family to help dig a 10-foot hole in the ground in the town of Kantele. He got into the hole, which was sealed with soil and wood, at about 9:30 a.m., and was pulled out at around 4:00 p.m., at which point he was unconscious. The 24-year-old was quickly rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, after he arrived, he was pronounced dead. The cause of his death still hasn't been determined. But here's something that has been determined -- by me: There really isn't a worse way to die.


It's the kind of nightmare you usually only see in movies. Dirt being piled atop someone's (still breathing) body, and you cringe and shudder, wondering what it would be like. Ugh, at what point would you lose consciousness? At what point what you just accept your fate? I get that the world needs risk-takers and daredevils and all, but to voluntarily do this is kind of insane.

Apparently, this wasn't Basnayake's first attempt at being buried alive, though. He had done it twice before -- once for two hours, once for six hours. Basnayake's mother, L.D. Leelawathi, said her son had enjoyed performing crazy stunts ever since he was a little kid and was exposed to certain movies.

One of the saddest aspects of this whole crazy story is the fact that even if Basnayake had set the record for the longest amount of time buried alive, the Guinness Book wouldn't have recognized it, because they don't want encourage such dangerous acts. So, in a sense, he died in vain. Super sad. And, again, super scary.

How scary is this?


Image via Bluebie Pixie/Flickr

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