Tornado Tosses 7-Year-Old 350 Feet & Then a Miracle Happens

tornado sucks up 7-year-old boyThe news out of the central and southern part of the country is absolutely devastating this morning after nearly 100 tornadoes ripped through several states including Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Alabama, leaving many people dead in their wake. But there's one story from the chaos that will warm your heart.

A 7-year-old boy named Jamal is recovering from injuries after being caught in a tornado that sucked the second story off his home Friday in Charlotte, North Carolina. And, when I say "caught in a tornado," I literally mean he was CAUGHT INSIDE OF A FUNNEL CLOUD: It picked him up and then dropped him 350 feet from his home on the embankment of Interstate 485. It's unbelievable, but somehow this little boy survived this horrific ordeal.


I can't even imagine waking up to a tornado slicing off the top half of my house, but that's exactly what happened to this poor family. The parents and four kids were asleep upstairs when the tornado roared through. One of Jamal's 3-year-old twin sisters was caught in the rubble in the house (the other was fine) his 5-year-old sister was hurtled out into the neighbors' yard; and as we know, Jamal was swept away. He's recovering at home; his two sisters are still in the hospital.

I can't help comparing this story with the heartbreaking one from yesterday in Indiana about the toddler, Angel, who was found alive in a field after a tornado and sadly passed away. Obviously, it's useless trying to make sense of why one child's life was lost while another was spared. But that's the thing with tragedies of this nature -- our minds just go there automatically. We can't help being sad for Angel, but we can get some comfort from Jamal's story. Believing that miracles sometimes really do happen can get us through the tough times.

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Were you in an area that was hit by a tornado this weekend?


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