Toddler Found Alone After Tornado Dies in Tragic Conclusion to Heartbreaking Story (VIDEO)

Angel BabcockAfter tornadoes ripped through the central and southern United States last week, there was one story that stood out among the many tragedies. Angel Babcock, 14 months, was found alone in a field, 10 miles from her home in New Pekin, Indiana, from which a twister had ripped her. Though sadly her parents and her two young siblings were found dead, there was at least some ray of hope in her hanging on to life. That perhaps amidst such great tragedy, we could celebrate in her miraculous survival.

Unfortunately, today came news that Angel passed away at 4:10 p.m. EST.


Because her injuries were so severe, her grandparents and doctors had removed her from life support. Her grandfather, Jack Brough, explained to WAVE3, how painful the decision was beforehand:

If I do get to see her, my pastor is going to go in with me, and we're going to pray, and I'm going to tell that little girl that it's time for her to meet her mommy and daddy.

Whether you're religious or not, that image is the only thing that brings any comfort in this sad, sad story -- to think of the family all reunited and together, somewhere better. Otherwise, the senseless nature of lives ripped away like that is simply unbearable.

The words Angel's mother, Moriah Brough, posted on Facebook just one day before the tornados hit are eerie:

Live every day at your best advantage cause at any time it can be taking away.

They also offer some small comfort as well, because you know that at the time she wrote that she was so grateful for everything she had and that she had stopped to recognize it. And really, if something this horrific hits any of our families, that's the best that we can hope for -- that we did our best, loved the most, and enjoyed as much of it as we could along the way. 

May they all rest in peace.

Have you been following this story? Were you affected by the recent string of tornadoes?

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