Disneyland 'Bomb Scare' Was Handled in the Goofiest Way

mickey mouse disneylandDisneyland was NOT the Happiest Place on Earth today. Not for the tens of thousands of people stuck in the parking lot for 3 hours due to a "bomb scare" that turned out to be ... ha. Not that scary.

Apparently there was an object of ... um ... questionable intent (?) spotted in a tree near the park entrance by a security officer (one who as it turns out apparently needs binoculars or glasses or a hobby) at approximately 7:10 a.m. this morning.

So in a very TSA-esque move, Disney officials put the park on lockdown, trapping lots and lots and lots of families in their cars (Son of a Mickey, can you imagine the tantrums happening in those vehicles?!). Two words you never, ever thought you'd hear in the same sentence: "Disney" and "lockdown."

I tell you what, I bet there were lots of other words you never, ever thought you'd hear at Disneyland when those families found out what the suspicious object really was ...


It was a rolled-up piece of paper. Mmm-hmm. Oh, and it gets better!!! It was a rolled-up piece of paper with a "goodwill spirit message."

According to Anaheim police, a ``free spirit'' callled them when he heard about the lockdown, identifying himself as the person who left ``some rolled up paper that contained, basically, a goodwill spirit message,'' in the tree.

``First he called us, and then we made contact with him,'' said Sgt. Bob Dunn. ``He explained it to be a good message that he placed in a tree, and we're in the process of speaking with him.''

No official -- or comprehensive -- explanation has been given about this whole "goodwill spirit message" custom (for lack of a better word). I mean, I'm guessing "goodwill spirit messages" are a custom, because it sounds vaguely like it might belong to the tradition of some indigenous tribe or another. The Native Mouseketeers?

In their own attempt at a goodwill spirit message, the folks at Disney are keeping the park open an hour later than usual to make up for all that trapped-in-the-parking-lot time.

I seriously hope they threw in a few complementary churros.

Would you want to be reimbursed if you were stuck in the Disneyland parking lot for 3 hours?

Image via Loren Javier/Flickr

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