First Gay Senior Center Makes Getting Old Sound Awesome

rainbow flagSo right about now I'm thinking the whole aging thing might not be so bad -- if you're an LGBT senior, that is. America's first ever gay senior center just opened in New York City, and let me tell you ... this ain't your grandmother's senior center. (Although maybe it could be. I don't actually know anything about your nana's sexual preference.)

When you think of a senior center, what comes to mind? Personally, I picture half-hearted bingo games and jello in styrofoam cups. A local girl scout troop earning their community service badges by singing to a group of disinterested septuagenarians. (In short, a raging party!)

It's a very different scene at the SAGE Innovative Senior Center ...


Think yoga instead of bingo. Live jazz instead of singing girl scouts. Bagel & lox brunches instead of jello. Technology seminars. Creative writing. Meditation.

Kinda makes you want to watch your blood pressure and stop eating so much bacon and cut back on the booze, right? A long life never looked so good.

And of course besides the awesome party atmosphere, there are all kinds of services and counseling and an overall sense of support these LGBT seniors wouldn't get anywhere else,

Hopefully the SAGE Center will start a nationwide trend ... and hopefully hetero senior centers will be inspired to make a few changes!

Cause I'm not down with jello.

What kind of senior center would you create if you could?


Image via Kevin Wong/Flickr

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