Jeffrey Dahmer Walking Tour Is Disturbingly Inappropriate

jeffrey dahmerAnyone want to take a trip down horrible memory lane and take a walking tour in Milwaukee of serial-killer Jeffrey Dahmer's favorite haunts? If so, there's a Wisconsin marketing company that has organized such an event and tickets were for sale on Groupon. The kind folks of Bam Marketing will parade you around town on a one mile, 90-minute jaunt that will show you such places as the gay bar where Dahmer met some of his victims and his old apartment location. But act fast if you want to feed your need for the utterly creepy -- families of Dahmer's victims are trying to shut down the whole thing. Which, by the way, I think is the right thing to do.

This isn't like a ghost tour of New York or Boston that brings to life stories and spirits from centuries ago, this is a ghost tour, of sorts, that brings to life stories and spirits from a little over 20 years ago. And that's too soon when we're talking about sexual assault, cannibalism, and murder. 


Many of the victims' family members are still alive and I can only how imagine how that must feel to know someone will profit from people paying to gawk at the locations where your loved one was tortured beyond comprehension and then killed. Some relatives are planning to protest the tours, and I hope their voice gets heard.

That's all you can really hope for, that all sides of the story are understood. Because while I agree that the Dahmer murders are part of the city's history, I don't think it's a bad idea to be sensitive and accommodating to those who were touched so irreversibly by the crimes. The tour just seems inappropriate -- Groupon agrees, they took the sale down after complaints, and local tourism group VISIT Milwaukee has refused to promote it.

But no matter how many people protest it or decline advertising it, the free market will decide if the tour is in bad form or not. Ticket sales are going to speak the loudest.

Do you think a Jeffrey Dahmer walking tour is in bad form?


Photo via Milwaukee County Sheriff's Dept

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