Ohio Man Charged With Pimping Out Adopted Kids Is a Monster, Not a Father

jailEvery once in awhile a story crops up in the news that makes me want to throw on a superhero cape and swoop in to rescue a child from unspeakable horrors. If only such a thing existed. I know I'd be headed to Ohio right now to take on the "dad" accused of pimping out the 10-year-old "son" he adopted and sexually abusing several of his other "children."

Notice all those quote marks? I can't call this man a dad if he did what he's accused of. I can't call those poor kids his. Because I'm about 99 percent sure this case is going to be used to attack the practice of adoption, and I'm going to put the world on notice here. This has nothing to do with adoption and everything to do with one twisted individual who -- if allegations prove true -- abused his position of authority over some innocent kids.


The man's name hasn't been released by cops because it might identify the child victims (at least someone was looking out for these kids), but adoption officials in Texas, where the kids all came from, have said they found no red flags in his background before allowing him to adopt the three kids and place a fourth in his care with the intention of adoption. Cops agree that there were no previous criminal charges. See? Not about adoption, people.

What this story is about is alleged abuse of children by someone who they trusted. The boy, just 10, was allegedly prostituted out to other men who raped him. At least two of those men are in jail now thanks to a police sting, but this poor little boy was said to want to stay at the house because he didn't want to be separated from his siblings. I tear up just thinking about it. And the monster (see, I can't call him a dad) is also accused of raping this poor kid and his two brothers (police are still looking into what might have happened to their 9-year-old sister). That's not parenting, adoptive or not.

No, it's the kind of thing that makes any parent sick to their stomach, because most of us -- whether our kids are biologically tied to us or not -- have that "superhero" reaction to kids being hurt. Our own children flash before our eyes, and we ponder what we'd want done if something horrible happened to them. We'd want them rescued and cared for.

If you could be a “superhero,” what would YOU do to that “dad” first?


Image via kangotraveler/Flickr

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