Rush Limbaugh Has Bomb Scare at Home & the Timing Is Uncanny

rush limbaugh bomb scare at his house

Rush Limbaugh had to take some time off Thursday from his busy week of bashing women to welcome none other than a bomb squad into his home in Palm Beach, Florida. The authorities had been called to investigate a suspicious package that was sent to the radio-talk show giant and, after his staff scanned it in an x-ray machine, appeared to have wires inside.

Thankfully, the bomb squad inspected the parcel and determined that it did not contain explosives. (It turned out to be some sort of electronic plaque concerning the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth.) I can't even imagine how scary it must be to receive something like that in your home, but it really makes you wonder about Limbaugh ...


Does he ever get tired of being an asshole? I mean, the guy has an on-site x-ray machine in his house to inspect packages because he has so many haters. And a new Harris Interactive poll ranked Limbaugh as the worst news personality in America. It's got to get at least a little tiring to be so disliked.

I get that his job is to be as controversial as possible, but his act is coming at a really high price lately. He spent the whole week spewing some really offensive crap about women: First, he called Georgetown student Sandra Fluke a slut simply for advocating for contraception; he also made a ridiculously dismissive comment about Danica Patrick supporting Obama's contraceptive rule saying, "What do you expect from a woman driver?" Of course he is paranoid about suspicious packages coming into his home -- he pissed off a whole lot of people this week!

Sure, Limbaugh is trying to insert himself into the political discourse and be as relevant as possible in the election year. But there's got to be a better way for a smart guy like Limbaugh to get into the mix than making hateful and harmful statements about half of the population (women). (Incidentally, has anyone asked Limbaugh if his wife has ever taken contraceptives because I'd LOVE to know the answer.) It will be interesting to see if a scary bomb threat with uncanny timing will cause him to temper his comments ... I sincerely doubt it. If anything, it will rile him up even more.

Do you think Rush should tone it down?


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