Andrew Breitbart Is Dead and His Children Deserve Our Sensitivity (VIDEO)

andrew breitbartAndrew Breitbart has barely been dead for 24 hours, and already the inevitable conspiracy theories are in full swing. Promoted by Breitbart's supporters, most of these ideas challenge "natural causes" as the reason for the 43-year-old Internet publisher's sudden death (Breitbart probably died of a heart attack; autopsy is pending). A man who knows the kind of things Breitbart knew doesn't just drop dead during an early morning walk around his L.A. neighborhood ... or so his fans allege.

Who and/or what do they think killed Breitbart? Well, I'll get to that in a minute.

To me, how Breitbart died isn't really the point. Because to Breitbart's family, to the wife and children he left behind, how he died certainly isn't the point.

The point is this: Daddy is gone. And he's not coming back.


For 12-year-old Samson, 10-year-old Mia, 6-year-old Charlie, and 4-year-old William, Andrew Breitbart's loss is a sufficient enough tragedy without having to wonder if their father was the victim of a left-wing murder plot.

Most of the conspiracy posts and tweets allege that Breitbart was killed because he was about to release incriminating videos of President Obama in college. In which case, of course, Breitbart would be forever remembered as a martyr.

I try to follow a very strict policy of not commenting on the character of a person who recently passed away. If I can avoid speaking ill or even speculating ill of the dead forever, all the better. I didn't know Andrew Breitbart personally. I have no firsthand knowledge of how he lived or died. I have no right to make any kind of statement.

But my heart goes out to those people who do own the right to mourn him, his family and friends. I hope they'll be allowed to grieve in peace, as I hope Andrew Breitbart will be allowed to rest in peace.

This clip of Breitbart's final CNN appearance aired on Tuesday, less than two days before his death.

Does Andrew Breinbart look like a man who's about to die in this clip?

Image via CNN

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