Mitt Romney’s Blunt Amendment Flip-Flop Proves His Campaign Keeps Him on a Short Leash (VIDEO)

romney flip flopDid you catch the latest Romney flip-flop? It was over the Blunt-Rubio amendment, the Republican Senate bill that would let employers opt out of covering things they oppose for religious reasons. Things like, oh ... I don't know ... birth control. (It failed this morning)

Romney came out against Obama's mandate for employers to cover birth control in last week's debate. And then, in an interview yesterday, he said he would not support the Blunt amendment, and by the way, "the idea of presidential candidates getting into questions about contraception ... I'm not going there." But THEN he re-flip-flopped -- or anyway, his campaign announced that he actually IS for it and the story was "incorrectly reported." And that's hooey because we have the video.

But anyway -- wow, they sure do keep you on a short leash there, Romney.


You can almost hear the paddling he got after that one. I mean, we all know he's a closet moderate. He just plays a conservative on TV. But his campaign is all, "Look, we hired you to be a hard-right conservative, remember? You can be a moderate pansy on your own time, son. You're our boy now. Step in line."

Meanwhile, scores of independent women sigh despondently. Guess they're voting for Obama after all.

Or maybe Romney is just confused. I mean, it is kind of hard to follow all of this. Which bill were those reporters asking about? The Obama one or the Blunt and Rubio one? I mean, what is this bill for, again? Is it against being for coverage for birth control? Or is it for being against it? Or against being for being against? What???

Romney is starting to remind me of that scene in The Life Aquatic when Steve Zissou asks everyone to declare where they stand in such a confusing way that Klaus takes the wrong stand and then asks for a do-over. I bet Romney would love a do-over on this one.

Where do you think Romney, deep in his heart of hearts, really stands on the question of employers covering birth control?


Image via dailykostv/YouTube

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