Chardon High School Shooting Already Has One Hero

chardon high school shootingThere's shocking and devastating news out of northeast Ohio this morning: Five students were injured in a shooting at Chardon High School after a gunman opened fire inside the school's cafeteria at the start of the school day. Unfortunately, this story is still developing and there aren't too many hard facts available as of yet. But what we do know is that the school has been evacuated, there's a suspect in custody, and there's already at least one hero who has emerged from the event.


According to reports, the shooting happened while students were eating breakfast in the cafeteria and waiting for first period. Witnesses say a boy "stood up and started shooting, and then it was chaos." In the midst of all the confusion, a teacher saw the shooting and chased the gun-wielder out of the building. Thankfully, this brave teacher was so quick to act; otherwise, this horrible incident could have resulted in even more injuries.

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Of course, school shootings are one of those things that scare parents the most. But likely for teachers, it's even MORE terrifying. After all, they're the ones who are actually on the front line day in and day out protecting our kids. I think about this teacher at Chardon who chased the gunman -- how traumatic that must have been for this person -- and while they acted heroically with such courage, it's likely they'll never, ever be able to put that moment out of his/her mind.

Teachers already have such a difficult everyday job -- educating our kids is no easy feat. But the added pressure and fear of a shooting or other event that puts their students' lives in danger make their jobs that much harder. As we wait for more news (hopefully, the injured students will make a quick recovery), perhaps this can be an opportunity to appreciate our teachers who are there for our kids on the good days as well as the very, very bad.

Are you scared of school shootings?


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