Punishing Success: Presidential Candidates' Wealth & Predictable Class Warfare Rhetoric

Governor Romney
"How many houses does Palin add to the Republican ticket?
" This was the very first thing that the ever-biased MSNBC ran as a graphic when Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain's running mate. Senator McCain and his wife own several houses, you see. Oh, the horror! Success and wealth are bad, unless it's a Democrat's success and wealth, like John Kerry's. Then it's all hunky-dory and not even a topic of discussion. I guess wealth is no longer considered 'out of touch' if sweet, sweet liberal policy designed to keep the pesky masses feeding at the government teat is involved.

This election cycle is predictably much of the same. Some of the Republican presidential candidates are successful and wealthy, ergo they are 'out of touch' and evil, natch. Nothing could be further from the truth. But, hey, that doesn't stop the media from carrying President Obama's divisive and exploitative class warfare strategy water!


Governor Romney, a very successful businessman, is getting the brunt of it, of course. The media is shamelessly furthering President Obama's own admitted campaign strategy grossly designed to foster resentment between fellow Americans. Some people are more successful than others? That doesn't suit! How dare some aspire to something more than what the Democrats believe you should have? I mean, President Obama said himself that "sometimes you've made enough money." YOUR pay is not above his pay-grade, evidently.

See, success should be punished and vilified and failure is to be encouraged and rewarded, as we've seen with the bail-outs. Because, fair. Or something. I'm not really sure because I don't have the vast experience of a community organizer from which to draw. I do, however, know a little something about life. I know it's hard for the participatory ribbon generations to understand, but equal opportunity does not mean equal results, nor should it. That's freedom, baby! Success and wealth shouldn't be vilified, it should be praised. 

Governor Romney's wealth and business successes are pluses to me. Businesses, small and large, are not evil. They are the foundation upon which our economy is built. Governor Romney's successes, like many other businessmen and women across the land, show that he will work hard, as he has all his life. His success shows that he takes action and does what needs to be done. Out of touch? If creating wealth and employing people is out of touch, then I'll take me some of that! As opposed to our current President and his crew who have never worked a day in the private sector in their lives and who have no idea what it even means to make a payroll.

The wealthy are not evil; they are successful and good at what they do. When they are allowed to do so without government interference designed to make the government wealthier and more powerful. The very same government now contemptibly seeking to foster resentment against the wealthy by pursuing a harmful and divisive class warfare strategy.

The wealthy employ people and create jobs, enriching people in ways that the government never, ever could. But that doesn't leave the masses dependent on the government now, does it? And that's all that matters to Nanny State Democrats like the current occupant of the White House. And, boy, am I looking forward to changing "current" to "former."

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