All-Female Panel Spoof Mocks the Very Unfunny All-Male Birth Control Panel (VIDEO)

birth control hearingLadies, readers, yes, we are flogging this story a bit more. We're that outraged. Convening a panel of all men to talk about birth control? Nuh-uh! Not on our watch. Line up for your spankings, boys, because we are not done yet. Yes, I was relieved to hear that  Sandra Fluke's testimony was allowed at the hearings at the hearing Dems held... by themselves. But honestly, I still feel like there weren't enough women's voices heard in these hearings.

This is why Second City convened its own damn panel of female reproductive organ-owning humans. They took that hearing apart, chewed it up, and shoved it back up where it don't shine for those Congressmen. I give you: Birth Control Hearings Redux. Ladies, play it like we wanna hear it.


Yes, that was a very respectful panel indeed. I whole-heartedly endorse this idea of "rolling up your man parts into a tiny, odorless pouch." And you have to admit, if we could just find a place to keep those "incorrigible little humping machines" between the ages of 14-23 we would reduce teenage pregnancy by leaps and bounds. I think what they're hinting at is a prophylactic for all teenage boys. Like, all of them, inside a giant condom, on their own little island. Or, you know, just send them on a Mormon mission for a couple years. That works, too. So does Bayer aspirin -- for erectile dysfunction.

Oh by the way, religions who would like to be exempt from having to give away the un-baby pills? Why don't you exempt yourselves from that federal funding you keep collecting. Meanwhile, most of America is totally okay with the free birth control pleaseandthankyou.

Disclaimer for the farce-challenged: Please note, this video is making fun of the idea of an all-male panel. It's not an actual replacement for Sandra Fluke's very real and relevant testimony, nor is it an endorsement of actual kissing of collective asses. Although I'm sure that would be appreciated.

Are you in favor of the White House birth control rule?


Image via TheSecondCityNetwork/YouTube


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