‘Game Change’ Will Be Awesome If Sarah Palin’s Staff Hates It This Much (VIDEO)

Julianne Moore Game ChangeI've always wondered how people actually work for Sarah Palin day after day, week after week, year after year. But after reading what the one-time vice presidential candidate's top aides had to say about the upcoming HBO docudrama Game Change, I think I get it now. They're just as loony as their boss!

Palin's righthand women and men are busy bashing the heck out of the movie about their boss that won't air until March 10. And get this, when they were asked whether they'd actually watched the flick, they admitted they hadn't. For reals y'all. Now, who does this sound like?


Hmm. Oh. Got one! How about the woman who told Katie Couric about how well-prepared she was for the vice presidency, but couldn't name one newspaper she read to keep herself abreast of current events? Does that sound right?

Their claims are juicy. I especially love Palin's foreign policy advisor Randy Scheunemann going on the offensive for being portrayed onscreen in a clip where he is explaining to the Republican VP candidate that Germany was the antagonist in both World War I and World War II:

The idea that there was at any point that Gov. Palin expressed any uncertainty as to who were the various sides in World War I or World War II ... or any other war is absolutely untrue.

It's sad because it sounds like it could be true. But it's funny because when an LA Times reporter quoted Scheunemann on his complaint, she pointed out that the on-screen Palin (played by Julianne Moore) is not actually portrayed as being unaware of this fact. She's simply taking notes.

Right there, it sums up the whole bizarre pre-emptive strike against the movie by the Palin camp. Going off half-cocked before they've got confirmation that Game Change is unfair or biased does nothing more than bring attention to how TRUE all the things the aides are calling "sick" and "inaccurate" could really be.

What is it they say about the lady who doth protest too much? It sounds like this lady's staff might be protesting so much we'll all be lining up just to see what all the fuss is about!

Check out the trailer -- does it make you think any differently of Sarah Palin than you did before?

Image via HBO Films/YouTube

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