Activist Fights for Animal Rights by Hiring a Hitman to Kill a Human

gunI don't think it's a gross overstatement to say that, typically, when people think of animal rights activists, they think cray-cray. And I hate to say it, because I do heart four-legged furry beings, but it's kind of with good reason -- sometimes these people do some really out of line shit. Like, take Meredith Marie Lowell, for instance. This 27-year-old woman recently tried to hire a hitman via Facebook to kill somebody -- anybody! -- wearing fur.


After the FBI got wind of what she was up to, one of their agents posed as the hitman. He and Lowell exchanged a series of emails, and each time, she got more specific about what she wanted exactly. She requested that the killing take place across from a playground near her house, and she wanted the victim to be "older than 12 -- preferably older than 14 years old." She offered $100 in return for the job.

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Meredith is obviously an extreme example of an animal rights activist -- and, most likely, an unstable one at that. She also once compared freeing lab animals to liberating Holocaust survivors. So, yeah. But it seems like these are the only stories we ever hear of when we hear about animal rights activists. They don't seem like the kind of folk you'd want to go out and have a drink with.

Attempting to kill a human being in order to make a statement about killing animals is completely insane and the hypocrisy of all hypocrisies. Obviously. And I don't think it's something most animal activists would be willing to do. But perhaps these groups who are willing to go to extremes should chill out with the paint throwing and the breaking and entering and the name calling, etc. Haven't they ever heard the saying, "You catch more flies with honey"? (And that's figurative -- you don't actually catch any flies.)

Do you think animal activist groups take things too far sometimes?


Image via robertnelson/Flickr

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