Gas Prices Rise During Report on Gas Prices Rising (VIDEO)

gas pricesSo gas prices, huh? Pretty freaking insane. They're getting higher by the second, and there's nothing we can really do to stop it. According to an ABC News report, some people have gotten so frustrated that they're taking their anger out on the gas station attendants, and even trying to run over the price placards before they're raised into place on the tall, street-side signs. It's pandemonium!

I kind of wish I'd been alive in the '70s so I could complain about waiting in line for gas and get all curmudgeonly on the subject -- there's nothing I like more than a game of one-upsmanship when it comes to discomforts suffered -- but I guess I have to leave that stuff up to the older generation. Lucky ducks.

But the reality is that in the 2050s, I might get a chance to tell the younger folks just how bad we had it in the 2010s. I mean, when a reporter is filming a segment on gas prices and the price goes up 10 cents while she's talking, you know you got a problem.


It happened to Cecilia Vega who was at a Los Angeles gas station. When she started her two-minute segment on gas prices, it was $4.99 for a gallon of regular. When she ended her two-minute segment, it was $5.09. She couldn't believe it. We couldn't believe it. Diane Sawyer couldn't believe it. Everyone was stunned.

But what can we do? Sure we can vote a different way and maybe see some change months from now, but for the time being, looks like all we can do is avoid the coups at the pump and try not to fling a steady torrent of obscenities of all kinds as you drive by the gas stations. The kids. They could be listening.

Watch the surprise on Vega's face as the price increases as she's talking:


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Has the price of gas affected you and your family?


Photo via A Siegel/Flickr

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