Girl Forced to Run Until She Died Couldn't Have Had a Worse Family

girl forced to run grandmother and step-motherThe story of a 9-year-old girl in Alabama who died after allegedly being forced to run for three hours as punishment for lying to her grandmother will likely leave you raging mad or speechless or wondering how in the world evil monsters like this should be allowed to mix in with normal members of society and procreate. Or maybe even all of the above.

According to witnesses, little Savannah Hardin was told to run laps around the yard and not allowed to stop for three hours on Friday. Her stepmother called 911 because she began seizing and then became unresponsive; she died days later allegedly from dehydration and low sodium levels.

Right about now, I'd bet good money that you're wondering what this little girl could have possibly done to warrant such a severe punishment, and you won't believe it when you hear it ...


She ate candy bars on the school bus. Oh, the horror.

But wait. The story gets even more infuriating. Hardin's grandmother and stepmother offered us this baseless defense as to why her "punishment" -- I'm more inclined to call it "torture" -- was so harsh: Because Savannah had a bladder condition and eating chocolate caused health problems for her, they were worried she would hurt herself.

And yet they would force her to run around the yard for hours with no water because THAT is a safe and healthy activity?

I hate to say it because this story is so very sad and tragic, but you've got to wonder if Savannah is better off now. Obviously, these women are cruel and incredibly dumb and have no business taking care of a child. (Savannah has a father, but he was working overseas.) To be forced to live under the "care" of these women who can't tell the difference between abuse and discipline, yeah, I can't imagine that's any kind of life.

As for the grandmother and stepmom, they're in jail facing murder charges. Hopefully, a long, long stint behind bars is in their future ... although I can actually think of a more appropriate punishment.

Do you think the grandmother and stepmother are guilty of murder?


Image via Etowah County Sheriff's Office

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