Nancy Pelosi & Stephen Colbert Mock Ridiculous All-Male Birth Control Panel (VIDEO)

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Nancy Pelosi appears on 'The Colbert Report'
After years of resisting, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi finally went on The Colbert Report last night. It was a bit of a shock, because for years prior, she advised her colleagues in Congress to avoid doing a one-on-one with the funny man. In 2006, she said, "I wouldn't recommend that anyone go on the show. I think think that it would be okay to go on if you were live-to-tape, but don't subject yourself to a comic's edit unless you want to be made a fool of." Ouch!

But yesterday, the Democratic leader did that "okay" live-to-tape segment in order to promote her support of the DISCLOSE Act (which stands for The Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light On Spending in Elections). Colbert also brought up the House Republicans' preoccupation with women's reproductive rights. In general, the first meeting of these two brilliant minds made for fantastic -- and educational -- entertainment. 


Clearly, Pelosi did the right thing by lightening up and agreeing to go on The Colbert Report. By playing along with him, she was able to promote the crucial DISCLOSE Act -- which sounds like something that should have been passed eons ago, in order to take the greed and corporate manipulation out of elections and give the power back to the people -- and make valuable commentary on what's going on in Congress. 

For instance, Colbert made a remark about the House GOP panel that was made up strictly of religious men, "They are holding hearings about women’s reproduction; it’s a bunch of guys. Five guys!" Pelosi delivered the BEST line: "Five guys! Might be all right for hamburgers but not for [Congress]." I laughed pretty hard at that one.

All in all, it seems like Pelosi learned that sitting down to chat with a political comedian is part of the game these days. And by playing along, she was able to capitalize on a valuable opportunity and spread an important message. Hurrah!

Check out the segment here if you missed it last night ...

Do you think it's smart for politicians to go on The Colbert Report? How do you feel about Nancy's ideas?


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