Evangelist Franklin Graham Questions Obama's Christianity & Praises Rick Santorum’s (VIDEO)

Franklin GrahamFranklin Graham, son of renowned evangelical preacher Billy Graham, doesn't think President Obama is a Christian. There, he said it. Actually, correction, he didn't say it. But he also didn't not say it. Am I making any sense? Probably not, 'cause Lord knows Graham certainly wasn't.

This morning, when Morning Joe host Willie Geist asked Graham if he thought our President was a Christian, here was the answer he gave: "You have to ask President Obama. People have to ask Barack Obama. He's come out saying he's a Christian, so I think the question is, 'What is a Christian?'"

"What is a Christian?" What the hell kind of B.S. answer is that? But more importantly, if Graham, evangelical leader that he is, can't discern whether or not Obama is Christian, how is he able to tell -- very quickly -- that Rick Santorum is?

Weird ...


When Geist pressed Graham further about why he didn't think Obama is a Christian, he got even more cagey, saying, "I cannot answer [whether someone is a Christian] for anybody. All I know is I'm a sinner, and God has forgiven me of my sins because I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ." But then, when questioned on whether or not he thought Republic hopeful Rick Santorum was a Christian, he said, "I think so," Graham said, adding that Santorum's "values are so clear on moral issues. No question about it. I just appreciate the moral stand he takes on things. I believe that he is. He comes from a Catholic faith ... I think he's a man of faith." Hmm, I thought he couldn't answer for anyone else's faith. Double standard much?

Now, nobody needs a GED to see what's going on here. Clearly, Graham has a political agenda. And it doesn't involve re-electing Obama. Graham is using his evangelical family name -- and seeming lack of belief in church and state -- to steer "his audience" toward Santorum. Not that his most conservative followers would likely ever vote for Obama in the first place, but -- gasp! -- how could they if he's not a Christian?! 'Cause errybody knows religion and politics go hand in hand.

Here's a word of advice for Franklin Graham, though: The next time you say you "cannot answer whether someone's a Christian," don't go answering that someone's a Christian a few breaths later. It sort of makes you seem disingenuous.

Check out Graham on Morning Joe:

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