Stephen Colbert Returns and Proves He's Smarter Than Most Politicians (Again)

stephen colbertPhew! I can feel the symptoms of Stephen Colbert Withdrawal subsiding already: Last week's sudden and unexplained hiatus of The Colbert Report is over! The late night talk show is back in production as of today -- tonight's all new episode will feature an appearance by Parnassus Books owner Anne Patchett. Woo-hoo!

Colbert still hasn't confirmed rumors about his 91-year-old mother's ill health being the reason for the show's break, though he did thank his fans via Twitter, saying:

"My family and I would like to thank everyone who has offered their thoughts and prayers. We are grateful and touched by your concern."

A perfect response, and further proof that Stephen Colbert knows something most politicians don't ...


How to keep his private life private even though he's a public figure.

Whether or not Colbert does give an explanation for his TV show's brief halt in production at some point doesn't matter. The boundaries are already set, the terms of Colbert's relationship with his audience are clearly defined: Professionally, Stephen Colbert gives 100% (and then some); personally, Stephen Colbert gives his fans only what they deserve, which is acknowledgement of their support and gratitude for it.

He didn't waste any time denying reports of his mother's illness, nor did he waste time opening up the details of a personal family crisis to the world at large. He understands the depths of his obligation as a performer. Perhaps more importantly, he understands that to go beyond those obligations does everybody involved a disservice. Stephen Colbert makes fun of scandals, he doesn't get involved in them.

Do you think Stephen Colbert did a great job handling the rumors about his mother's health?


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