The People a Presidential Candidate Surrounds Himself With Matter

mark rubio
Word is Senator Mark Rubio may be a potential
running mate to the GOP candidate
The President of the United States is only one man (or hopefully someday, one woman) and, as such, cannot be everywhere all the time. That’s why the leader of the free world surrounds himself with people that can take care of things when he can’t be there. From the Vice President to the cabinet members, to the czars, to the press secretary ... there are many people that influence the president.

During the primaries, influential individuals in politics often endorse their favorite candidate for the general election. On the other side of the equation, candidates will often hint around at their top picks for the VP slot or cabinet positions. This is absolutely something I take into consideration before casting my vote in the primary.


Just like the potential first lady comes into my consideration process, the people the possible president will surround himself with do as well. John McCain knew this in 2008, when he injected his lagging campaign with energy and enthusiasm by announcing GOP rock star Sarah Palin as his running mate. Love her or hate her, or hate her now having loved her then, there’s no denying that her charisma and proven record as a solid conservative brought much needed oomph to the race.

So now I look at the nominees for the Republican presidential ticket against Barack Obama, and I consider the possible people that the future president might choose to surround himself with. After all, these will be the president’s most trusted advisors; the ones that have his ear on many subjects of import. 

All of the contenders have hinted around at naming popular Republican Senator Marco Rubio as their running mate -- a decision that I’m A-ok with. I’ve long been an admirer of Senator Rubio’s, and I believe that he would bring a high level of excitement to the general election.

Mitt Romney seems to be taking the cake with endorsements ... he’s gotten the thumbs up from South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

On the other hand, Newt Gingrich has gotten the endorsement of Texas Governor Rick Perry, and if you’ve been reading my stuff for any length of time, you’ll know I’m a fan girl of the Lone Star State leader. 

As a California resident, I won’t have to pick a primary candidate until June, and at this point it’s still anyone’s game. But I will certainly be looking toward the potential vice president and cabinet members for inspiration.


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