Combat Pilot Martha McSally Gives Best Response to Santorum's Divisive Remark

rick santorumWhat we've got here is a little bit of a pickle. On one side we have Rick Santorum. On the other side we have Republican congressional hopeful Martha McSally. In between we have a remark Santorum made about the emotional compromise that women would pose if they were on the front lines. He might have been speaking about some sort of white knight issues that would arise if a military man saw a fellow female fighter in danger, or he could've been giving a surreptitious dig at women; whatever he really meant, his statement got a lot of people talking. And one of those people is McSally.

She's a retired Air Force colonel and a combat vet, and she did not like what Santorum had to say. She told Fox News that his comment made her want to "kick him in the jimmy."


She explained:

You know I agree with many of the things that Rick Santorum says, but when I heard this I really just wanted to go kick him in the jimmy. He’s totally out of touch. I mean, completely out of touch. These are the types of arguments we heard 20 to 25 years ago as to why women couldn’t be fighter pilots. It’s an insult to the men and women who are serving overseas, putting their lives on the line, and focusing on the mission right now.

I'm apt to agree with her. If we're assuming that Santorum was referencing how men would feel next to a woman in combat, I agree that it's an insult to the brave people out there who are focusing, and staying focused, on missions right now.

I'd vote for McSally if I could only because I think this is one of the smartest comments that's been said in reply to Santorum's statement. And she's got a lot of credibility for being a colonel and for serving in combat. What I like most about her response is that she doesn't take offense to his statement as a woman, she takes offense to his statement as a vet. She understands what it's like to serve and what it would be like if not everyone was concentrated on a mission.

Also, I am kind of curious to hear her reaction to Santorum's stance on birth control. I feel like he deserves a kick in the jimmy for that more than anything.

What do you think of McSally's comment?


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