'Half Head Man' Sends Ridiculously Powerful Anti-Drug Message (VIDEO)

A viral video of a man with only half a head is designed to scare people off drinking or doing drugs while driving. And it will. But maybe not for the reasons he thinks.

Carlos 'Halfy' Rodriguez became famous last year when his mugshot went viral. He was arrested for soliciting a prostitute, but it was his half head that caught people's eyes. A few years ago, Rodriguez lost half his head and a large portion of his brain and skull in a crash after flying through his car's windshield and landing head-first on the road after he had been drinking.

On looks alone, he is a powerful anti-drug message, which is ironic given he may very well be doing drugs in the video below. **Be warned: This is graphic content. Only look if you understand that. See below:


Sure, his physical appearance is surprising, disturbing even. But even more disturbing is the way he talks and the way he acts. If that is what drugs do to you, then there is no way I ever want to do them and I certainly think kids should see it, too.

He is only in his 20s and this is how he is now. It's just sad and scary and that video does nothing to convince me (or anyone else) that he is off drugs. That may have been a cigarette with tobacco he was smoking, but I wouldn't stake my life on that bet.

He was arrested for soliciting prostitutes, too. In one of his videos, he says:

[I was] on drugs, I was driving, and I hit a pole, and I flew out the front window and landed on my head. That's why it's no good, drinking and driving or drug -- drugness and driving. No good, kids. No good.

He's right. That's a good reason. But it's also good to not become the kind of person who alleges (in a video) that the President of the United States uses drugs, openly talks about his love of large women, and makes sexually explicit remarks for no good reason, all of which he does in his series of videos.

Rodriguez likely thinks his anti-drug message comes just from his appearance, but most parents (and adults who may be tempted to drink and drive) will be turned off less by his appearance and more from the things he says.

It's a powerful message and something no anti-drug PSA ad agency could ever do on its own. My heart goes out to this man for more reasons than just his accident.

Do you find this disturbing?

Image via Halfheadman/YouTube

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