Greedy Son Serves Mom Eviction Notice on Her 98th Birthday

houseHow's this for a 98th birthday present: An eviction letter. From your son. Peter Kantorowski, 71, recently served his mother, Mary, with eviction papers because he wants to sell the house she's living in, which, technically, he owns. He says that the last few times he's seen her, she's seemed disoriented, and he thinks it'd be best if she went to a nursing home or moved in with him. In other words, he wants the cash.

Regarding the awful situation, Mary had this to say: "I didn't think he would do it. My husband worked hard, difficult jobs to buy this house. He built the garage ... and he told me never to leave it." Her other son, Jack, referred to his brother as a "scumbag."

I think Peter ought to be given an award. Kicking your nearly hundred-year-old mother out of the house she's lived in for forever on her birthday -- under the auspice of it being for her own good -- is a new low. Especially when he hasn't seen her in nearly a year.


Peter hasn't visited with his mother in about eight months, but he says that the last time he saw her, he found her living conditions to be poor and she appeared kind of disoriented. He said, "She may be better now, I don't know, but I was alarmed at the conditions she was living in. I always believed she could live there as long as she wanted and as long as she knows what is going on, but she is now 98 and has more cloudy days than sunny days." Dude. Go visit with her. It's your mother, for God's sake. Don't just serve her with an eviction notice without even knowing what's going on.

If Peter is genuinely more concerned with his mother's welfare than with turning a profit, he should hire an in-house aid or nurse for her. That would be the best thing for everyone. Kicking her out of the home she knows and loves while she's in her -- let's be honest -- final years "for her sake" is just plain gross.

Do you think Peter is genuinely concerned with his mother's well-being?


Image via TheFadedPast/Flickr

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