A Sarah Palin Presidential Run Is Unthinkable -- Right?

Sarah Palin has political power. No one could deny that. But even so, her recent declaration that she is not ruling out jumping in the race should there be a brokered Republican convention this summer is a little unnerving. Just when you think it's safe to get back in the water. She's back!

Palin is many, many things. She is a highly entertaining and motivational woman. She is a mom. She is a runner (her half marathon time is excellent!). She is a funny and passionate talking head. But one thing Palin most certainly is not is presidential material.

Regardless of whether you like her or you don't, few would say she is smart enough or has the skills necessary to lead this country. She has things she is good at, but that (thank goodness) isn't one of them. Here are five reasons Palin needs to stop terrifying teasing us all with this "I might run" nonsense:

  • She is way more successful outside of politics: Palin has had much more success using her voice and her energy to make money for herself. Her success outside of politics towers over anything she did while she was involved with politics. She shouldn't dismiss her success in other areas so quickly.
  • Her gaffes are cringe-worthy: Palin is lovely to look at and she has the sort of spunk and rah-rah spirit of a high school cheerleader gone rogue. But book smart? She isn't. Personally, I want my world leaders to be able to find one another on the map and have some ability to carry on an intellectual conversation without a teleprompter. Her blood libel comment (and many others) shows such a strong lack of knowledge, it's downright humiliating for her and for all of us should she ever be elected.
  • She likes to 'go rogue': This is a great quality in some areas of her life, but a president needs to be able to play well with others. Palin has proven time and again that she can't do that. It's inspiring and entertaining to watch, but in a leader, it's a pretty scary quality. A good leader must trust that he or she doesn't know everything. They have to listen to their advisers and take their thoughts into consideration, too. Palin is not a good listener. In fact, she doesn't even read newspapers, a fact she all but revealed in her disastrous interview with Katie Couric.
  • She already lost one election: If you ask many Republicans, Palin is the reason John McCain isn't the president. Whether you believe that or not, she lost a major election. It wasn't even close. So, really, that should have been a sign to her.

Do you think Palin should consider running?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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