Off-Duty Cop Saves Wendy’s From Man With a Sledgehammer

french fryThere's a certain hysteria that accompanies almost every fast food experience. Maybe it's the glorious scent of fries being cooked in gallons of oil that makes us lose our minds a little bit, but there's definitely something that sends us into an irrational frenzy when our order gets messed up. The struggle is usually internal -- the furthest most of us go is to say something to the cashier like Excuse me? Sorry. I ordered a cheeseburger. This is chicken nuggets. -- but when the fury is not compartmentalized and we forget to remind ourselves to calm the eff down, things can get out of hand. Case in point: a man attacked a Wendy's with a sledgehammer.

The 45-year-old perp was so frustrated with what went down at a Wendy's in Ohio that he got up, went across the street to a Home Depot, bought himself a six-pound sledgehammer, and returned to take his anger out on the burger joint's windows.


Fortunately, no one was hurt. Double fortunately, there was an off-duty cop in the drive-thru. He heard the commotion and decided to act fast. Officer Mike Fleming tackled the hammer-wielding criminal to the ground and wrestled his weapon away from him, in the meantime yelling at customers to stay back.

The man never told the cop what pissed him off specifically about Wendy's -- he just said that Wendy's was making him mad. Backup for Fleming eventually arrived and the man was taken to a nearby hospital to treat the cuts on his hands and was then taken to a psychiatric hospital to be evaluated.

It's lucky that Fleming likes Wendy's and was getting himself a meal when all this went down. Without his quick thinking and fearlessness (how terrifying it must have been to approach a mad man with a sledgehammer!), who knows what could've happened. When someone is as unhinged as the perp was, it's hard to predict the amount of damage that could've been done.

So kudos, Officer! You saved the day. Hope you at least get a free value meal or something.

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen happen at a fast food joint?


Photo via waferboard/Flickr

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