Josh Powell's House Held an Awful Secret

josh powell's houseThe latest details about the Powell murder-suicide in Washington state were revealed at a public meeting held by fire and law enforcement officials to brief neighborhood residents about the harrowing tragedy that occurred right in their own backyard.

One of the most chilling revelations to come out was the fact that the house that Josh Powell showed social workers on his supervised visits -- the one he blew up last week -- was a complete sham. According to authorities, he staged it to look like a loving, family home complete with photographs of his family on the walls. But in reality it was a "fake home" meant to fool the social workers (which apparently it succeeded in doing).

Here's the secret about the home that's almost too awful to believe: Josh Powell didn't even live there!


Much discussion has been made about the fact that this horrific event has unfortunately given way to a lot of unnecessary finger-pointing at innocent people, including placing blame on the social worker who called 911 and the 911 dispatcher. But you've really got to wonder about all the neighborhood residents who said that not only had they never seen Josh Powell and the boys even though he had begun renting the home in 2011, but they thought the house was abandoned.

Is it possible to be so blind to something that's going on right in your own neighborhood?

Now, that's not to suggest more alert neighbors could have in any way prevented such a senseless tragedy -- I don't believe they could have in this instance. But one of two things happened here: Either these folks are some of the most oblivious, "mind-your-own-business" folks in America. Or Josh Powell was meticulous, calculated, not to mention evil enough to pull one over on everyone.

Everything I've read about the guy suggests the latter.

Are you surprised at all by the "fake home" revelation?


Image via KOMO Communities/YouTube

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