Republican Investigation of Media Matters Would Be a Huge Waste of Taxpayers’ Money

media mattersWell it looks like Republicans in Congress are zeroing in on a very important project. Passing the transportation bill? Nope. And as usual, it has nothing whatsoever to do with job creation or any other important matters that would actually improve our lives. Apparently a few members of Congress want to investigate Media Matters for violating their 501c3 status.

And why not? They have time on their hands (apparently?) now that the investigation into Planned Parenthood has been revealed as totally bogus -- oh no wait, I think that's still going on. But anyway, as part of their ongoing demonstration of what government waste looks like, they would like to yank the rug out from under a liberal watch-dog organization so the elections go just a little bit smoother for them. Yes, yes, they should definitely do this. But let's cast the net a little wider, shall we?


I know a number of other 501c3 organizations that should be investigated as well. You know, just so it doesn't look like Congress is carrying out a partisan grudge match on behalf of its loyal boy, Tucker. I mean, that would erode the few shreds of credibility Congress has left.

  • Cato Institute
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Citizens Against Government Waste
  • Media Research Center
  • American Enterprise Institute

Are you ready to dig into that bag of worms? Think these guys are all squeaky clean? They have access to the same kinds of lawyers who work to keep MM out of trouble. Which means an investigation into any ideologically-based think tank is going to turn into a never-ending wormhole. Oh -- now I get it! This is a jobs creation project for lawyers! Right.

Anyway, so far this whole brouhaha is built upon the word of one MM staffer, one former MM staffer, and one "in the know" looky-loo -- none of whom will go on record. So there's that. But what I really want to know is, what is this a smokescreen for? In paying attention to this circus, what are we NOT paying attention to? 

Here's what I'm seeing: Republicans marching in lock-step behind this campaign while everyone else does all the heavy lifting in the real world of governing. And now that I've said this, I feel like I need to go wash my hands for having wasted this much time writing about this fake controversy. I have more important things to write about, like the personalized M&M's Kim Kardashian got for Valentine's Day.

What would you rather see Congress do?

Image via Media Matters for America

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