Secrets of Monica Lewinksy Scandal Revealed in Upcoming Bill Clinton Documentary

monica lewinskyNow that we've heard former White House intern Mimi Alford confess to her long ago affair with JFK, this is a good time to take a step back and look at former White House intern Monica Lewinsky's not-so-long ago affair with Bill Clinton from a different perspective. Fortunately, a new two-part, four-hour documentary about Clinton's career is scheduled to premiere on PBS next week ... and it's expected to be a shocker.

Especially considering what we currently know (or have been told) about the way the White House handled these scandals once upon a time.

Think about it: We crucified Clinton for initially denying his affair with Lewinsky; whereas (assuming there's any truth to Mimi Alford's story) JFK never even considered coming clean about his extramarital activities.

Taking into account the way Clinton apparently agonized over whether or not to tell the truth -- and how his honesty was "rewarded" -- I'm sure there were times he wished he never considered it either.


Fascinating. But the documentary promises to reveal more than the depths of Clinton's inner turmoil over the Monica Lewinsky scandal -- among the highlights:

  • How Clinton's sexcapades almost stopped him from running for office in the first place
  • How many women his former campaign manager claims came looking for Clinton on a daily basis
  • How there were "sparks flying" between Clinton and Lewinsky from the "moment they met"
  • How "hurt" Hillary Clinton really was by the affairs

What really stands out to me is the distinct possibility that Monica Lewinsky took the fall for countless other women. Her affair with President Clinton essentially ended her career, and why? Because she was the only mistress to speak up?

Makes you wonder if things were better back when privacy actually existed for public figures.

What are you hoping to find out from the Bill Clinton documentary?


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