Details of Yeardley Love's Injuries Make Her Death Look Vicious

yeardley love trial

For anyone who's been closely following the murder case of George Huguely V -- the former university lacrosse player accused of killing his girlfriend -- you can't help but notice that each day brings with it more horrors. Today, the courtroom endured four hours of complicated and graphic testimony from two medical experts (called by prosecutors) who examined Love’s brain during her autopsy. What they had to say was deeply unsettling -- not just for the defense team, but for everyone who had to listen to it.


The medical experts told jurors they found the following injuries when they examined Yeardley:

  • Bruising in her brain that was caused by "sheer force" and "blunt force trauma."
  • Hemorrhaging in parts of her brain.

Here's why this testimony can't be good news for Huguely and the defense: All along he's claimed that though he had shaken Love "a little bit" and "may have grabbed her a little bit around the neck" the night she died, he had not strangled her or hit her in the face and that he didn’t think she was badly hurt when he left her.­ Moreover, the defense has argued that rescue workers were to blame for the fact that her brain was bleeding: They caused this injury when they tried to resuscitate her.

But these accounts do not match up with the medical experts' testimony who say that Love's injuries were the result of something much more violent. In fact, they testified that Love's injuries are consistent with "the type that are caused when a person’s head is quickly moving and then suddenly stops, and his or her brain continues to shift inside the skull." Examples of movements that could cause such serious injuries? Falls from a great height, car crashes, and -- here's the kicker -- severe impacts, such as a head hitting a wall or hitting the floor.

In other words, rather than dying of positional asphyxia (laying weird in her bed after mixing alcohol with prescription drugs) as the defense has previously claimed, Yeardley seems to have been the victim of vicious attack. (Obviously, whether Huguely was behind it has yet to be proven.) I can't even imagine how painful it must have been for Love's family and friends to hear such graphic details and be forced to relive the pain of her death all over again.

What do you think happened to Love on the night she died?


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