Appeal on Amanda Knox’s Release: Could She Go Back to Prison? (VIDEO)

amanda knoxFour months after Amanda Knox was finally acquitted for the murder of Meredith Kercher, prosecutors in Italy want to yank her back and put her back in prison. Prosecutor Giovanni Galati is so sure Amanda is guilty, he's filed a 112-page appeal. He claims he is "very sure" Amanda and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, are guilty of the murder -- and that the appeals ruling that freed Amanda had "omissions and many errors."

You can do that? Appeal an appeal? Yup, it's Italy. I can't believe after all these years this thing is still dragging on. But at least this is supposed to be the final stage in the case. I sure hope they don't win!


Good grief, why can't the prosecutors let go? It's like some sort of mad grudge match -- like their honor has been insulted by losing the case and they're using Amanda to defend it. I swear, I can see them all banging their chests with their fists over it. "I will be avenged!" 

Hasn't this thing dragged on long enough? The last appeals lasted nine months long! She spent years in prison. Many of us would love to just see Amanda move on with her life. Supposedly, if prosecutors win their appeal, Amanda could wind up back in prison. But I think the chances are pretty slim. The court won't hear any new evidence, so everyone's just working with what they already have -- the same sketchy, inconclusive details that led the court to release Amanda in October.

Meanwhile, Amanda has plenty of other legal troubles still going on in Italy -- she faces two slander cases, one for fingering former boss Patrick Lumumbia as the murderer, and another for claiming the police interrogators hit her in the head. Plus, Amanda's parents' trial for slander could start as early as March. So plenty of trouble ahead for her. Yep, the Italian courts just can't get enough of Amanda Knox.

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Do you think the Italian courts should open up the Meredith Kercher case again?


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