Tucker Carlson’s Media Matters ‘Expose’ Just Shows Conservatives Are Jealous

media mattersNice try, Tucker Carlson. Yesterday the bow-tied boy wonder "exposed" Media Matters as a liberal cabal that feeds biased stories directly to journalists. Oooh, you got us! There's a progressive nonprofit that's out to expose the lies of Faux News! And sometimes they do some research that passes the sniff test and makes it to the light of day. Thank you Captian Obvious!

Let's not pretend there aren't plenty of well-funded organizations on the right doing the same exact thing. Conservatives are just threatened because it looks like liberals are beating them at their own game. Hearing conservatives act shocked, shocked! that this is going on makes for hilarious tee vee. Well-organized networks of biased research?!? Why, that's OUR shtick!


And the news outlets on the j'accuse! list is even more hilarious: MSNBC, Huffington Post, Washington Post, New York Times, oh yeah, we had NO IDEA they leaned to the left. I just want to know -- who funded the research that went into making this earth-shattering discovery, Tucker? Because honestly, you should ask for your money back. These news outlets openly cite Media Matters in their stories all the time. Of course MMFA is sending journalists emails. That's called PITCHING. And every nonprofit with enough funding for a public relations department does it.

It's easy to claim there isn't any fact-checking going on. You could say that about both sides of the ideological wars. And it's easy to justify your unnamed sources. Both sides do that. So where does that get us? We're all Sneetches. What's more, this doesn't move the chess pieces on the board anywhere. Liberals are still liberal, conservatives are still conservative, and moderates are still disgusted with everyone. Another day, same old shit.

I hope it isn't really, truly news to anyone that there are nonprofit organizations whose sole purpose is to combat the views of the other side. Because that would be either laughably naive -- or just plain hypocritical.

Did you think the Media Matters expose was all just a lot of hot air?


Image via Media Matters for America

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