Nevis Robber Made Hilariously Bad Choice of Victims

Justice Stephen BreyerThe man who broke into Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's home in St. Kitts and Nevis is probably feeling pretty stupid right about now. For just $1,000 worth of things, the machete-wielding masked man might have done better choosing another house. Now he is in a heap of trouble.

Justice Breyer was robbed while on vacation with his wife at their home on the island in the West Indies, a Supreme Court spokeswoman confirmed Monday. The questions now are plenty: Did the robber know who he was robbing? Did Breyer have enough (or any) security? Is this the dumbest robber on the history of the planet?

Because, really. Can you imagine if he HAD planned it? Talk about your high profile choice. My guess is he had absolutely no idea who he was robbing when he broke into the home.


Sadly, it's part of a larger problem on some islands when wealthy people come and vacation. Who hasn't been vacationing at some upscale resort on some island and encountered the devastating poverty that surrounds it? It can be pretty disconcerting and upsetting.

The fact is, there is a real disparity on some of these islands where tourism is the chief export.

I almost pity this man. If he specifically targeted Breyer, then he is a fool. And if he didn't, he is an even bigger fool. Either way, it's very sad and scary on many levels.

Obviously, it could have been far worse and no one should have sympathy for a person who turns to crime. But it's a statement about the distribution of wealth on the island when a well-off American owns a home on a beautiful island for which he paid just under $250,000. The 36-square-mile island of Nevis is a frequent vacation spot for Americans and, though it isn't one of the poorer Caribbean islands, it has its share of poverty. In the States, a $250,000 house isn't much. But there, it's probably a lot of money.

Regardless, Justice Breyer should probably take advantage of the security offered to people in his position in the future. He got really lucky this time.

Do you think this criminal knew who he was robbing?


Image via angela n./Flickr

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