Amazing 5-Year-Old Saved After Being Buried in Avalanche

avalancheA 5-year-old girl was pulled out alive after her house was buried in an avalanche under 33 feet of snow. She was the only one to survive the disaster -- her parents and seven other relatives perished in the tragedy. Rescuers heard the girl's voice and her cellphone and knew what they had to do: dig. On Saturday night, the girl was pulled out of her house in Kosovo as diggers, helpers, and the nation looked on (the mission was broadcast on TV). Little Asmira Reka seemed a bit confused but otherwise OK as she was lifted from the snowy rubble that was her house, covered in blankets, and rushed to the hospital.


The story of little Asmira and her family is heartbreaking as much as it is heartwarming. Of course it's devastating that she lost close to her entire family in the avalanche -- those people were irreplaceable in her life and she'll likely never be the same after this natural disaster. Her one-story brick home was swallowed by snow -- who knows what it was like in there before she was rescued. Did she watch her family die, one by one? It's too hard to even fathom.

Even though the story is completely agonizing, the silver lining still shines through. Amid sub-freezing temperatures in a region in eastern Europe that has suffered a brutal winter, villagers and nearby residents grabbed their shovels and headed to Asmira's house to start digging through the feet and feet and feet of snow. Their teamwork and fast-action certainly saved her life.

She was buried for 10 hours, but doctors say she'll make a full recovery. Who knows why tragedies like this happen, but all you can take away from something horrific like this is that it's never futile to just dig and hope for the best. If Asmira's neighbors had thought otherwise, she probably wouldn't be alive right now.

What do you take away from a story like this?


Photo via strangeones/Flickr

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